6: What Must My Real Facebook Friends Have Thought?

     During my week-long Facebook experiment, my real friends began to notice that my “friend” list was growing wildly.  And these new friends had some interesting profile pictures.  The strange profile pictures of my new “friends” ranged from pictures of intoxicated teens in someone’s garage or basement, to the extremely popular pose….girl in low V-neck shirt, holding her cell phone to take the picture, posing seductively in her little bathroom, in front of mirror. Classy.
     Several friends have asked me, “What’s going on with your Facebook?”  After I tell them that I was getting to know all of M’s friends, they ask the next question…”How did you do THAT?!”  It’s mind boggling just how easy it was.  I almost started to feel sorry for these not-quite-fully-developed humans. They are still so naive, vulnerable, predictable, and child-like.
     Perhaps that’s what I need to remember most as I prepare myself for the first time M comes home.  He’s still a child.  And just like when he was 4 and ventured to far out into the the Atlantic Ocean, I need to pluck him up and keep him close. Close to family is where I know he’s safe from harm.


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