5: My Week with 205 Facebook Friends

     At first when you discover how easy it easy to infiltrate the teenage world through Facebook, your parental power feels unstoppable, fine tuned and ready for the next teenage action that needs your guidance.  But then reality pops your SuperMom bubble. 
     It’s quite shocking when your eyes first meet images of teenagers in their natural habitat. Why in the world would they expose themselves in such a negative way? Don’t they remember when we lectured them about their online reputation? ………..OF COURSE THEY DON’T.
     They don’t remember because they don’t care.  They don’t care because they’re teenagers.  They are frontal-lobe deprived humans.

Teenagers and Facebook: What Shocked Me Most Top 5 List

  1. Basement party pictures with lots of beer cans and liquor bottles blurred with photo software…Really….they don’t know, we know, what’s in their hands behind the blur?
  2. Party pictures WITHOUT the blurred out cans and bottles.
  3. Disgusting language  (Their mouths, I mean fingers, should be washed out with soap.)
  4. 14, 15, 16 year old girls taking, what seems to be their attempt at seductive pictures of themselves
  5. Stoned or high or drunk faces plastered in photo galleries as proof of their wild nights.

     Honestly, I couldn’t take it any longer.  A week after I began this venture through teenage territory, I had to end it.  I “undid” all of my new 205 friends. I was missing conversations with my real Facebook Friends.  I wanted to read about my niece’s VIP day at school, I wanted to wish my older kids Happy Anniversary, I wanted to listen to my cousin’s new song recently posted, I wanted to check out my favorite crockpot recipe group, I wanted to have fun and joke with my coworkers, I wanted to see what was new on M’s military academy’s parent group site.
     Stepping into that world was scary.


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