4: "Free M" T-shirts Hit Facebook

     My Facebook “friend” list grew by almost 200 this week. My own son wouldn’t “friend” me, but 200 of his friends did. (When I went on my FB rampage last week, I “friended” as many people connected to M as I could. My theory was that a few of them might “friend” me, and then I could see if M was continuing to access FB while in the military academy.)
     Unfortunately, my hunch was correct.  He was still on Facebook, in fact, he had sent a picture of himself in his fatigues to his friends.  After he sent that picture, a long FB discussion between about 10 of his friends became my fascination.  These boys had taken his military academy image and put it on a T-shirt.  A boy from one of the local high schools was selling the shirt for $20 and collecting money at school.
     Within this long discussion, one of the boys volunteered in his post, “Let me buy the one for his mom.” (This is the same boy who had slept in our house a few weeks prior. He didn’t want to sleep in his house since his air conditioning was not working. Perhaps buying my shirt was his way of thanking me for my kindness.)


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