3: I Go Spider Monkey

     Saturday’s phone call was just the tip of the Mom on a Mission iceberg because by Saturday evening, I was receiving Facebook messages from friends and family about M posting a picture of his new buzz cut.  What!!?!!
Number 1… Without a phone and computer access, how is he on Facebook?!
Number 2….Who is lending him a phone?!
Number 3….How stupid is this?!

Frustrated, I tossed and turned all night…until I got an idea.

Sunday morning I logged onto Facebook.  Typed in his name, found his cover page (by the way, he will not be my “Friend” so I cannot see what’s on his Wall or what’s in his Photos.)  But I can see ALL his friends.  I opened up his Friend page, and there was a beautiful list of all 1,517 of his closest friends.  So what do I do…I start requesting their friendship.
    Well, what do you know.  These teenagers are so friendly, by the end of the night I had gone from 47 Facebook friends to 130 Facebook friends. (Finally…teenage stupidity working in my favor.)


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