2: First Phone Call: Breakin’ the Rules

     The calm was interrupted by a phone call.  Saturday (just a couple days after we brought him to military school) he called me.  It was about 3:30 in the afternoon, “Hey Mom.”  I was relieved and surprised and confused.  Relieved because he sounded like himself.  Surprised because he didn’t have a cell phone.  Confused because cadets aren’t allowed to share their phones.
     He said he was doing well, but he needed me to bring him a couple things: his iPod and toilet paper.  I cave…”Okay, honey.” (Ugh.)  I also said that we were going to come visit him in a few more days because it’s Parents Weekend.  (I’m trying to push away common sense that tells me to avoid visiting too soon.)
     Finally I remember to ask him how he called.  He simply said that he borrowed a friend’s phone.  (Now I can hear this friend in the background grumbling, “M…give me the phone.”  I asked him what he was doing…”The cadets have to park cars for a festival.”
     The best part of this rule break came when he asked how his little brother was doing.  I passed on that K misses him.


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